The blog starter

It’s a cold, miserable grey Sunday afternoon but I don’t care as I am actually blogging!!!! Thanks to Court Tuttle: the and SimonChow:  in front of me (on my tablet so I can work my way through their instructions) I am finally, yes finally, managing to type up my first blog.  I am just so pleased I finally found some sites that were clear enough for me to understand and make me brave enough to dip my toe in the water.

I have to admit I feel a bit dazed.  I had to set up another msn account (I am embarrassed to admit my knowledge is so basic even setting up this took ages) but I must have done something right as I am here now.

I have decided to show that if someone like me can start and get a pretty good blog up and running anyone and I MEAN anyone can!  So carry on watching and checking on my progress over the next days, weeks and months to see how I do.  (I’ve just tried to input a picture in but that was a dismal failure – perhaps it’s on another page.  If you find it please let me know).

I can’t wait to have an all singing, all dancing, slick looking blog.  So thanks very much Court and Simon for getting me this far – I really could not have got this far without you.



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