Mistakes happen

Hi ya, I’m so glad your here!

If your reading this you have probably stumbled across my site by mistake.  From my title you can see I am literally a first time blogger (this is not quite true, this is actually my second post – I typed up something, was very pleased with myself, pressed a button and deleted my work). I now realise my very first blog went to “publish” so this is indeed my second post!!

It’s really strange sometimes what makes you try something new. A couple of years ago now, I read a magazine article, about a woman who was using blogging to boost trade for her craft business. She made it sound really interesting.  I don’t have a craft business but liked the idea of blogging.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the faintest idea on how to do it or what to do to get started so like most great ideas it shrivelled to nothing.

Until now.  Four days ago, on a miserable, Sunday afternoon it popped into my mind to give starting a blog a proper go.  Ironing or blogging, it was a no brainer. After spending hours trawling the internet for advice I found two sites I could actually understand and relatively follow: the blog builder and the blog starter. With a bit of trial and error, I got this far.  (Bless, they are good teachers but I have to be honest and say I think I am probably the most pitiful student that has crossed their domain address – see I’m even catching onto the lingo).

I have set myself the task  of trying to become a relatively good blogger and hopefully produce something people like reading.  As I had to ring my niece to find out what a URL is and where it goes (not anywhere painful, thankfully) trust me, this should be a very interesting journey. 

How about you keep me company?

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