So, this is where I am…

Phew, quite a lot to tell you today.

Losing “me

Firstly, I am a bit miffed. Let me explain.

I was doing well with sorting out my header. I managed to find a site called that allows you I think and hope) to use their images for free.  (One of the things that totally terrifies me is using an image I shouldn’t, by mistake – I try really hard to be a good citizen).

I even found after a bit of hunting again, WordPress support which signposted: Dashboard Appearance: Themes – (I loved this bit, after playing around for ages I went back to this one called twenty ten).  To customise your blog – find the side bar on right of page – it pops up and then you can add images, change colours and add pictures on your headings.  (I felt just like a blogging pro).

All was going well and then I lost my “About me” page and after nearly 3 hours of reading and frustration I still can’t work out how to add it back.

In normal life I am quite an organised person so losing things really annoys me.  However, I must remember to remain   COOL-BEANS  (one of my son’s favourite sayings and his choice of picture).

About me (actually)

So until I can work out how to add an “about me” page, this is a little, well, about me.

I am (age ain’t nothing but a number – thanks, Aaliyah/R Kelly).  In 3 months time I’m about to become redundant from a job I’ve been doing for over 10 years+ (I won’t go into too many details here, apart from saying: I am sad I will be leaving, will miss lots of my colleagues and feel a lump in my throat even thinking about the children I will have to say goodbye to).

However, like Baldrick, I have “a cunning plan” and that is to finally do something I have always felt absolute, total passion for but done nothing about till now.

That things is to:

(Sshh, it’s a secret for now. When I am ready, I promise you will be the first to know).

I can tell you this though.  Alongside this blog, I am developing another. One in which I will finally be free to do all the things I have yearned to do.  One, forged from the sweat,  confusion, lost pages and terrible mistakes found here!

Now, to get back to finding that elusive “About me” page….





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