Any bloggers worst enemy

A blogger's public enemy No. 1

A blogger’s
public enemy No. 1

This is Noel (as in the French for Christmas,  not Edmonds or Gallagher) and he for me, is my blogging nemesis.

Let me tell you more about him.

Noel, is our rescue cat who has won his Doctorate based on his experiments (me as his test subject)  in “Treat them mean, to keep them keen”.

He turns his whiskers up at any meat dishes BUT loves to bring home the occasional dead squirrel.  (We think he finds road kill and brings it home, just to impress us with his hunting skills and remind us of what he is capable of).

He will do virtually anything for a Dreamie (a cat snack) and a stroke -he has no shame.

I worship at his furry feline paws.  I love him to distraction.  My son accuses me of caring about the cat as much as him (he almost has a point).  I have been known to lose lower body circulation rather than move his royal highness when he has deigned to sleep on my lap.   Yet……IT IS MY HUSBAND WHO HAS NOEL’S TOTAL, ABSOLUTE DEVOTION.  SERIOUSLY?!!?!!  All my husband has to do is glance his way and he is THERE purring as loud as a pneumatic  drill.

Nemesis, why? I hear you ask, well…

All I was trying to do yesterday was insert an image in my post and align text around it. (WordPress: Insert cursor at start of text your writing: add media: upload picture you want: pop a caption with it: decide alignment: insert in post and POW – done).

Sounds easy doesn’t it?

However, Noel’s current party tricks when I am trying to type are:

 to park his sleek, catty behind in front of my computer screen so I can see nothing,

manoeuvre himself onto my lap so it’s virtually impossible to reach my keyboard,

My human to do with as I feel fit

My human to do with as I feel fit

or the worst…..whilst on my lap, roll over for a tummy rub and stare dolefully up at me.  I- just- can’t- resist.  Each blog is taking a decade to complete, due to that inviting, soft belly.

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