I nearly have a calamity

Quote: Mondays are the potholes in the road of life   

It’s not Monday but I hit a pothole………

Shock - Oh! Yes indeedy!

Shock – Oh! Yes indeedy!

Today, the weirdest, most awful coincidence happened to me.  It caused me to have one of those heart thudding, chest moments.  It took at least 6 months off my life.

Once you start blogging, this little niggling worm starts gnawing at your brain.  Though you love writing posts, it keeps whispering:

Who’s reading? Anyone? 

Due to this, I decided to read up on “traffic” (people who come to your site – I dislike that term) and “followers” (I detest that term even more – but that will be in a whole, new post) just to see how I can make sure people know I am here.

I’ve got to say it was deflating stuff.  It seems you need the business acumen of Bill Gates, a marketing guru and zillion of Facebook contacts to stand a chance.

Anyway, I wrote a post  about this subject THIS MORNING (remember that) and PUBLISHED IT (which means it can be seen by everyone).

After this…..

I had a bit of time so browsed  Wordpress, which allows  you to take a look at some other blogs.  I really liked  some and left a couple of messages for the writers and my details in case they wanted to browse my site.  I logged off to have a shower.


IN THE SHOWER IT HIT ME.  One of the writers had written a piece detailing how the colours of typed words can be used as a marketing tool. 

In the post I had written in the morning, I had used loads of coloured words to emphasis why I was so BLUE (imagine colour) about the more “clinical and cynical” nature of blogging.  IF that writer visited my site, she might think I had deliberately copied her ideas or more horrifying, was deliberately mocking her views.

OMG!!!  I CAN’T SAY ENOUGH HOW MUCH I LOATHED THE THOUGHT.  Imagine offending someone you hoped would offer the hand of friendship?  I’m normally so polite!

This post  now replaces THAT one.  The other is currently languishing in a dismal dungeon labelled “trashed posts”.  PHEW!!

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2 Responses to I nearly have a calamity

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m not that long doing this myself so I’ll be following yours as a fellow newbie. I’ve met some really nice people in the blogging community and have learned so much from the generous sharing of others.

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