One month blogging. Lessons learned

Back to work tomorrow after a week’s break.  So, my daily blogs may have to change to 3 times a week.  (Sorry, but when you get up at 5 something has to give).

One month in (or so, I am not an exact person) this is what I have learnt: 

Every time you think you have mastered a new skill you will be proven wrong.

Learn how to “hide” a post from the world before you “publish” ANYTHING (see yesterday’s post) or prepare to nearly have a panic induced heart attack.

I like you back, hot stuff

I like you too, hot stuff

Pictures are your friends.  Learning how to align them so they do not jump around on your page  and cause you hours of frustration is not.

Your bottom will seriously get numb with the sitting in front of a screen that is required.

Your family and friends will be quite impressed when they see YOU are responsible for THAT.

Researching and writing posts are the best bit.

If like me you have a cat, be prepared to see more of their furry behind than you ever thought possible.  A cat knows you want to see the screen. It is fun not to let you.

Learning how to change the appearance of your blog (wordpress: appearance: themes etc) is like choosing a great outfit to wear.

Free (as in these images are free and downloadable) are often not.

Wondering if ANYONE is reading your posts will make your head ache.

Your family will have to be very understanding, as your new-found passion will take over your life.

Hide the Custard Creams, Jaffa cakes and Malted Milks.  Blogging is hungry work.

Being able to type and find what you have written ON THE INTERNET is so, so cool.

The statistics bar which keeps reminding you how many people have visited your blog is highly addictive but Satan’s work.

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4 Responses to One month blogging. Lessons learned

  1. harrisonv975 says:

    hi, from another new blogger. Have yet to post my first blog. Hoping to do it today. First of the month. New beginnings and all that. I wish you luck.

    • mhobloggeruk says:

      Oh good for you! Here’s a tip just in case you don’t know. When you are ready to publish your first post, on the right side it mention tags. If you type in some keywords for your blog e.g for mine I typed in “new blogger” “humour” etc your blog should appear on WordPress reader under that category. I only found that out today and that’s how I imagine you found me.

      Contact me again if I can be of help.

      Good luck!

      First time blogger uk

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