Pingbacks are not ladies shoes!

Do you know your pingbacks from your sling backs?  Neither did I, till 20 minutes ago. 

Some of the terms found in the blogging world are ……interesting.

I particularly like:

Downhill men's Vlogging Champion 2014 Image:

Down hill men’s Vlogging Champion 2014

Vlogging – sounds like a competitive sport found at the Winter Olympics.  “Jason Strauss had an UNBELIEVABLE win in the men’s downhill Vlogging championships today!”

Tumblr – “Oh bless sweetie!  Did you take a tumblr down the stairs?  Mummy kiss it better”.

I was very disappointed to find out that “pingbacks” are not some new ultra fashionable shoe from Milan.

Widgets – just so, so cute.

H Tags – sounds like some super cool American gangsta rapper.

However, not ALL are so twee. Some, I believe have darker, more sinister connotations

Content Management Systems (CMS) – sounds like some shady, money laundering organisation.

GIMP – I have no idea what this is and would be afraid to type this in my search engine in case the police came knocking on my door.

Followers – Need I say more?

I would LOVE to hear yours. Please, drop me a line if you have better.


Just for info:   Pingbacks – a notification when another blog links back to yours. Vlogging – video blogging, Tumblr – a microblogging site H Tags – something to do with headlines/sub headings and SEO searches Widgets – useful tools for adding features  Content Management Systems – (my version was so much more interesting) blogware that supports the writing and publishing of posts GIMP – Involves pictures – but you can check this one! Followers – what all bloggers hope to have, weirdly


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5 Responses to Pingbacks are not ladies shoes!

  1. Am glad you posted the real meanings…it is a confusing world on here!

    • mhobloggeruk says:

      Hello again!

      We spoke earlier I know, but I thought this comment deserved a reply too. I so agree with you! All the jargon really confused me at first and made me almost give up. However, I like a challenge. Also, though I should not admit I laugh at my own jokes, I did at the mental image of “vlogging” and “CMS”.

      Take good care


      • Yes, they certainly do come up with some strange terms don’t they? OMG. Vlogging? I was thinking something along the lines of flogging! 🙂

  2. I think “permalink” sounds strange. Before I started blogging I only knew permafrost. Finding out what permalinks and pingbacks were took me ages. Well, I still don’t know what a permalink is. But I manage. 😉
    You have a great blog, so funny! I recognize myself (blogger-beginner).

    • mhobloggeruk says:

      Anything to do with “perms” always brings to my mind bad hairdo’s from the 80’s!

      Where you are is so beautiful I am shocked you have time to write, I would constantly be sighing and starting out of windows at the views.

      No wonder you are confused regarding permalinks! I’ve just checked and it mentions all sorts of things like “slugs in WordPress.” It has nothing to do with nasty creatures in the garden and everything to do with the URL address. Sorry, when I understand it myself I will let you know!
      If you do follow my blog please let me know if some of the things I mention are confusing. I would love your views and comments!

      I look forward to “speaking” to you again.

      First time blogger UK
      p.s Your English is brilliant – you put me to shame. My Swedish is….Abba, Ulrika Jonsson and Ikea (which I love almost as much as my cat)

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