People are following me?

Can I say I am not one of those Oscar-winning actresses who coyly pretends she is leaving through the curtains but secretly hopes for a call back.

I know I said I was going to reduce my posts to 3 times a week (now I am back to work



after 1/2 term and get up at 5, yes 5 o’clock  – ye, gods).

However, something happened that made me sit my sorry self down and type.

I have been very clear when I say my knowledge of blogging is basic.  I do not have email attached to this blog, Facebook, Twitter etc because I haven’t (yet) the foggiest idea how to do it (and as I’m baring my soul, never even used Facebook or Twitter). (Twitter  brilliant word, it reminds me of something that old ladies do at Bingo).

However, as I was eating a Hobnob and browsing my non blog email I realised I had quite a lot of “likes” and seem to have “followers”.

I wanted to say here: A BIG FAT THANK YOU.  I started to email everyone  personally but realised another ice age would occur before I finished.  (I don’t have THAT many it’s just I kept getting distracted by all the blog/sites).

I DETEST RUDENESS and if I had known you “liked” or “followed” me,  I promise I would have said thank you faster.

Bedtime beckons….






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5 Responses to People are following me?

  1. I am in same boat it seems…I don’t do the whole Facebook/Twitter thing either. This is my first foray……very overwhelming to get it all going…..I can’t believe you post 3 times a week! OMG> It’s all I can do to get mine out once a week!

    • mhobloggeruk says:

      Hi there!

      One of the absolute best things about blogging are all the diverse people I have been meeting. When I started to blog it was out of curiosity a desire to write and to push myself out of my comfort zone. Look at you, you’re doing the same thing! I came across another blog the other day from a guy who LOVES facebook, twitter etc and I asked him to contact me. I’m interested to understand his views on the pros and cons of social media. If he responds, I will let you know and perhaps we can both venture in this direction together?! p.s What a lovely boat.

      Please feel free to contact me again.


      • Well, I appreciate the offer, but for right now, this WordPress thing is about all I can handle! OMG. Still in here figuring things out even after 2 months! But for sure you do the research on your end and if I ever get up enough nerve, I will let you lead me to the next level. Will be most interested to hear your thoughts once you get the hang of it though……yikes…scares the heck out of me all that! (Boat not ours, we’re just discovering life by the water right now, but boy, I am getting some incredible pix down here!)

  2. lol, well no worries. Thanks for the post! 🙂

    • mhobloggeruk says:

      Thanks so much for contacting me. Today, an image popped into my head of Dolph in his He-man garb, making me up some Aspirin. Surreal.

      Best wishes and I look forward to more of your posts.


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