Spam is NASTY

What’s the difference between a Spammer and an athlete who takes steroids to win a race ?  Not much.

Athletes cheat as they fear they will not succeed on their own merits and abilities.  Isn’t



that a bit like Spammers?

 I read an interesting post featured in  (2012/11 followers).  It describes how Spammers often spend many hours clicking “likes” or “following” other blogger’s sites without bothering to read any of them. 

Spammers do this as they are aware a blogger left a “like” is curious and more likely to click on their site. When an unsuspecting blogger does this it increases the Spammer’s visitor statistics, making them look popular.   

Sporting? Hardly.  Sneaky and deceitful.  Definitely.

Perhaps, if they spent more time on creating well crafted posts and genuinely trying to engage with other bloggers, they would win with a sense of true pride in their achievements?

I fell into this trap.  I was “liked” and entered a site to leave a THANK YOU MESSAGE (the irony is not lost on me).   As an unexperienced blogger, I appreciate support and would most likely have revisited and promoted their site with pleasure.

Instead, I will now avoid them like a pestilence.

Good marketing strategy guys.

Instead, I would like to offer a big thank you to  Jean  at who through her encouragement and kind words has proven to be a deserving victor.





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2 Responses to Spam is NASTY

  1. Ah, this is so good to know…I fear I have been a victim of this myself a few times! Thanks for posting this!

    • mhobloggeruk says:

      I’m glad if you found this post useful. If it stops you or any other new blogger from falling into a Spammer’s trap that’s great.

      Take care and I hope we speak again soon.


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