Followers should be chums!

I have a serious problem with the term “follower” as I stated in my post of 31/5/2014. Here’s WHY.

Perhaps “follower” translates differently in other countries?  For me “follower” is a bit too close to “stalker” or “member of a very odd cult”.

Chums vs Pilgrims? Violet, fetch my smelling salts!  - liftarn/

Chums vs Pilgrims? Violet, fetch my smelling salts!

Therefore, armed with a thesaurus I have made a list of alternative names for people “who like my blog and read it regularly” instead of that “f” word.

NOW I must add a disclaimer.  For all the word purists out there, I am aware that not all the words below equate to the “f” word.  I’ve chucked in a few I like, as I have poetic license.

Follower – we could  have:

  1. supporter  football fan
  2. adherent way to strict – NOT the right blog
  3. apostle, devotee, disciple, no, no, no!     
  4. fan quite like this but as I am not in a boy band a bit misleading/also have you ever seen the film Misery? Look what his biggest fan did  
  5. pupil I work in a school – so… no         Conclusion: None of these

A friend came up with Pilgrims or Roamers due to the idea of this being a journey to blogging.

  1. As I first thought she said aromas (ensuing a debate on just how smells/journeys are connected) no.  
  2. Pilgrims – I actually liked.  It hints of Chaucer: Canterbury Tales, bawdy stories, interesting people, fun…..cowboys and John Wayne.  To varied?  Conclusion: Pilgrims?


  1. Friend have I not seen this somewhere else on the internet, book/face???
  2. Companion an image of  a scented, genteel Victorian lady reaching for her smelling salts, pops to mind
  3. Buddy what an annoying uncle calls a disinterested teenager
  4. Chum not the pedigree variety,  but we are getting somewhere now ***
  5. Comrade, supporter  a bit to political
  6. allies same as above, we are not at war
  7. Playmate does anyone else find this as funny as I do?
  8. Well wisher mmmmm reminds me of hospitals??? Undecided

(***For visitors outside the UK, Pedigree Chum is a good quality dog food. Do not let this sway you in a negative way.  “Chums” is a good alternative term and at least it implies you have good teeth, healthy bones and shiny hair.)

As I think it is important you get a choice on what to be called,  I have added a poll for you to complete.  Let the games begin. Come on, chums!!!!!













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