Are followers friends?

Since starting blogging, I have noticed as I read other people’s posts, write or answer comments…..a connection, almost the same as when I am speaking to people in “real life”.

It’s an odd feeling and I plan to look at it here.

Jo, took his online friendships to a whole new level deartheophilus
Joe, took his online friendships to a whole new level
– deartheophilus

 I’ve been pondering over this question of on line friendships. On one of my expeditions around WordPress Reader (where you can read other blogs)  I stumbled across Opinionated Man’s site  and realised I am not alone.  “Can you be friends with someone you’ve never met?”  questions and answers Suzi Jones.

Here’s my answer:  Yes, I think you can, sort of.

In the short time I have been blogging I have been spammed (yuck) as well as followed or contacted by genuine bloggers. Often they were replying to comments I’ve made on their blog, some have contacted me due to posts I’ve  written.  ALL have taken their time to bother in some way.  How can you not like that?

I have started to look forward to A.prompt reply’s  comments as she sounds so very nice, polite and decent.

Opinionated man is the antithesis of me.  He is not scared to offend (I am soooo British – we say sorry for everything.) However, I find his honesty and directness quite thought provoking-–I will add though, for an Opinionated man he does have good manners and left a personal comment on my site.  Does this mean his bark is worse than his bite?  Let’s hope I haven’t just poked a hornets nest…

Moving In With a Boy  I bet,  is  cheeky and fun.

Visiting their blogs feels like the real life equivalent of popping over for a coffee.

See what I mean? Sort of.

I feel some head shaking happening. Oh well.  I told you I would take you on my blogging journey – I never promised it would all make sense.




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3 Responses to Are followers friends?

  1. I appreciate the kind words and mention. I always envisioned my blog as a coffee house as well. lol

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