A gun stops me from blogging

Two days ago, when browsing through a collection of blogs on WordPress, I came across a post by an American blogger that stopped me in my tracks.

Most of the blog was light-hearted but as I delved further into past posts, I came across one outlining the virtues of one hand gun over another for personal protection.

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS EGG?  Wanted by yokel police. openclipart.org

Wanted by yokel police.

Interacting with other bloggers has given me an unexplored new world.  People just like me, milling around, with work worries, bills, unresolved petty annoyances, dinners to make and GUNS tucked away in their underwear draw.

I knew of course that in America, many people have guns in their homes but this was the first time I properly understood.

We could not afford to buy a house in town, so almost live in the countryside.  Here, the lead story in the local free paper was once how a patrolling police car on Halloween night was pelted with eggs by teenagers.  Not exactly a crime wave.

I have worked in quite a tough secondary school (ages 11-16) for the last 10 years.  I would not have managed to last this long, if I was some retiring wall flower, unable to deal with difficulties.

I use these details to illustrate the contrast between my busy, colourful, noisy work life and the slower drone of home.  When we first moved here, I found the calm and peace surreal  but have grown to appreciate the protection it offers.

Almost in the countryside I’ve heard farmers distant gunshots but have barely noticed.

Now, guns are in my life and I am uneasy.



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