mumsnet and me

Oh! It’s often the little things in life that makes us happy isn’t it?

Well for me it’s on the right, looks a lot like Charlie’s Angels being boiled in a pot and is my mumsnet logo.

Can you see the bit that says “Proud to be on mumsnet?” well, I am.  A few months ago I used to scroll through their threads and blogs and now I’M ON IT.  O.K, for some this might not seem a “giant leap” but for me, it’s huge.

I feel a bit like a brooding, caped crusader.  By day a working mum, travelling on an overcrowded train, far too close to other people’s sweaty armpits.  By night, a secret blogger, fighting for truth, justice and the blogging way.

Another daily rendezvous with a sweaty armpit awaits

Another daily rendezvous with a sweaty armpit awaits

All this thanks to Jessie from the mumsnet bloggers team (apart from the Angels logo, I sorted that).

It all seemed so easy and it was initially.  Mumsnet logo for WordPress user?  Do this, that, shake it all about, hokey-cokey and hey presto, my blog was logoed.  Cool beans!

Then of course, I wanted more.  Much, much more and THAT’S when disaster struck.

Blurb describing my blog on mumsnet? Yes, that would be a good idea! Why stop there?  Why not add a picture (not of me!) but an image next to the blurb so my blog would be easily recognisable when readers scrolled through.  Oh yes, how the creative juices gushed.


I wanted the blurb to read “A naïve, non techie mum’s journey to blogging…etc” However, when saved to site it read “A n%”*e non techie mum’s journey… how the f%*k did I turn into an expletive?!  Help, Jessie!

An image 80×80.  Surely, you just type in “80×80” on the picture size?  Nope.  Hours of gnashing of teeth later…..Jessssieeee!

All those desperate attempts of typing “80×80” and “shrink and add picture” somehow duplicated my already c^&p blog blurb on Mumsnet.  JESSSSIEEEEE!

As an act of kindness, I have deleted the lovely Jessie’s email address forever to prevent me from turning her into a grimy jumpered, matt haired, crazy lady who throws traffic cones at unsuspecting bystanders for fun.

Jessie has I have earned my mumsnet badge and take my bloggers place on their site, in “humour” “miscellaneous” and “technology” with satisfaction and pride.











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