Post It Man delivers

When I properly laugh, I look awful.  Eyes screwed up tight, doubled over, howling loudly and gasping for breath I’m surprised a concerned passer by has never called emergency services on my behalf.

Post It Man's boss was impressed with the temp's knowledge of phishing
Post It Man’s boss was impressed with the temp’s knowledge of phishing

 My family almost had to call 999 the other day and I totally lay the blame with Post It Man (Well, that’s what I call him).

Leave my blog NOW and go here: (for the un-initiated double click on the blue wording and it will take you there – hark at me, quite the blogging pro!)  COME BACK THOUGH, AFTER!

Ambulance anyone?

I’m not sure which part I find the funniest.  The absurdity of the notes, Post It Man’s disbelief that anyone could be so amazingly crass, his sarcastic barbs or his helplessness that his life is ticking away second by second filled with such banality?  Brilliant, brilliant stuff.

I have popped  another link to You tube for the British comedy The Office here: for two reasons.

1.  Because, now I can.

2.  Post It Man/Tim – we feel your pain.

(Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.  ***Phishing – a scam where the public are sent emails supposedly from legitimate businesses (like your bank) to con you into giving them your personal/account details etc.)





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