What I have learnt about blogging this month

"Apart from Taj Mahal's made from cooked rice, what are your other interests?" openclipart.org

Apart from Taj Mahal’s made from cooked rice, what are your other interests?”

I have a job interview today.  To distract my terrified self (and since I have just realised I’m overdue of my monthly “things I have learnt about blogging” by about two weeks) here are my latest reflections on blogging.

1.  I have discovered my cat Nöel does in fact have psychic abilities. I merely thought the word “blog” and his furry behind yet again was placed strategically on my keyboard to prevent me from doing said activity.  Mystic Meg may yet have a rival for her paranormal crown.

2. On the 31/5 I ran a poll.  I and only 3 other people it seems are the weird ones, who dislike the term “follower” for people who read my blog.  Though I hate it, “followers” it is then.

3. My mood affects my blogging.  Happy = output/Grumpy = not much doing.


4. My son is currently watching recorded highlights of the Germany/Brazil World Cup football game.  For those of you not into football (I’m not but in this household have no choice) it was a shocking 7-1 score to Germany.

The score is not why I am pausing.

I have just witnessed the Brazilian squad “singing” their national anthem and it is quite terrifying.  I have no idea what they are saying but it seems to involve lots of grimacing, angry shouting and spit flying.  It makes rugby’s “haka” seem positively genteel.

If I had been one of the German team, I would have feigned a metatarsal injury pronto.

However, as the Germans went on to thrash them it proves my gran’s old saying that the “emptiest vessels make most noise”.

Sorry, back to business:

5a. Blogs make you culturally aware.  (See no 4)  5b:  I read an American blog about camping the other day.  From this I now know that camping as a holiday (survival technique, yes :  holiday, no)  is just as unappealing in America as it is in England.

6. Some bloggers have the gift of being able to take amazing pictures.  See my Swedish friend: ullisinstamoments.wordpress.com  Unfortunately, my pictures usually  involve a smudged index finger mark in the top right corner and an out of focus blur in the distance.

7.  Learn how to “bookmark”.  Clicking around, I found an amazing food dish shaped out of cooked rice which resembled the Taj Mahal (I know people with time on their hands who would have been very impressed with this).  I vowed to go back to it….but alas.



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