New job, now back to blogging!

I have a new job!

Thank you  your good luck wishes must have worked  as I was offered two!

From September, I will be working in a lovely school supporting children with special needs.  I am very, very happy, relieved and nervous.  After 10 years in the same place new pastures are exciting but nerve-wracking.

Rover decided to call "Guard Dogs, inc" after receiving threats from the cat down the road

Rover decided to call “Guard Dogs, inc” after receiving threats from the cat down the road

Now, back to business.

Firstly, I am sorry I was away for so long.  Redundancy sucks.  Looking for work sucks even more.  It was seriously time-consuming and  at times quite deflating.

Then came having to say goodbye to my friends at work and even worse the children.  IT WAS SO HARD.  Teenagers often get a bad press but if you could have seen how thoughtful and kind they have been over the last week you would leap to their defence.

One of my little poppets bought me a retirement card (I am nowhere near retirement age but at 11 anyone over 20 seems old) and wrote me a poem so beautiful I still can’t get past the third verse without blubbing (think the ending of Toy Story 3 – but about 100 times sadder.)

No  mascara could contain the deluge I produced. 

Even thinking about how amazingly fantastic the children were to me on my last day is breaking my heart so excuse me if I go to safer ground.

Nöel my cat brought a SNAKE home for us yesterday.  I screamed so loud I made someone fumble a cup in Canada.  (My husband totally denies it but even he was scared.)

If I was Rover up the road, I would be very, very wary of my lean, mean, black and white, hunting machine…..

Speak soon peps x




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2 Responses to New job, now back to blogging!

  1. Glad you’ve found something you love – but I cannot claim any of the thanks for it, all down to your hard work and persistence 🙂 xx

    • mhobloggeruk says:

      Hi ya and thanks for your kind words. I so hope the Ofsted visit you mentioned went OK. It makes me so sad that even the most excellent teachers now doubt themselves due to all the inspections. Thank heavens for the break from all that “laziness”!

      Enjoy the holidays

      Best wishes

      FTB x

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