My other significant other

I have an absolutely streaming cold, while the sun is blazing outside.  What kind of weird perverseness is that?

Even the term “cold” is irritating me.  I am shaky, clammy, sweaty with a nose like a tap but definitely not cold.  Someone needs to sort this expression out pronto.

My bit of fluff

"Roger, darling, it is only fair to tell you I have another bit of fluff!"
“Roger, darling, it is only fair to tell you I have another bit of fluff!”

On a more pleasant note, I have hinted before that this blog was actually my practise blog.  In fact my exact words from nearly 3 months ago (so short a time?  I feel like I have been blogging for ever) were:

“However, like Baldrick, I have “a cunning plan” and that is to finally do something I have always felt absolute, total passion for but done nothing about till now.

That things is to:

(Sshh, it’s a secret for now. When I am ready, I promise you will be the first to know).

I can tell you this though.  Alongside this blog, I am developing another. One in which I will finally be free to do all the things I have yearned to do.  One,  forged from the sweat,  confusion, lost pages and terrible mistakes found here!”

Gosh, I can be quite exuberant and dramatic when I am in the “zone” can’t I?  I don’t think anything could live up to that pre-ramble so without further ado:

My other site (which I am very pleased about) is a home style/interiors blog called

Here, I get to showcase things that I like for my readers

I am very fond of  first time blogger uk so have decided to keep it for my “thoughts and feelings” (or more my …”Oh hell, can anyone tell me how to get pictures in a straight line?… site).

HomestyleLily on the other hand, is my indulgence, my artistic licence or to be a bit more vernacular….my bit of fluff.

Vive la difference!


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