Good and bad list

 As I am now feeling much better due to my plague like cold finally lifting, I decided to make a list of some of the good and bad things that I have been pondering over today.


1. Good friends.  Since I am on school holidays I have had a bit of time to catch up with some very dear friends (or email them) and it has been a joy.  I am so lucky to have these amazing people in my life.

2. I am pleased HomestyleLily (my other blog) is up and running.

Sadly, her stars were wrong.  "A brush with destiny" was in fact "Paint a desk then tea?

Sadly, her stars were wrong. “A brush with destiny” was in fact “Paint a desk then tea?

3. My living room is under decoration and since this has been planned for ages I am chuffed it’s FINALLY happening.

4. My 14-year-old son makes me laugh.

5. I once read an article in a paper where a famous actress described her many years of marriage to her husband (a famous actor).  She mentioned after all their years together still feeling a pang of excitement or happiness when she saw him after being apart for a day.

I realised I still feel like that about my husband 17 years on – which is pretty good, I think.


1.  Writing for 2 blogs is hard.  I felt guilty that I am not increasing  my chums/followers/views as I probably should for this blog.  Now,  I feel even worse as I have two to worry about!

2. I don’t understand what pictures you can and can’t use for blogging purposes and reading the do’s and dont’s/support/advice forums has confused  me even more.  Someone please just invent a site which says: USE THESE PLEASE WITHOUT FEAR OF ANY LEGAL REPRISALS (HONESTLY).

3. I am losing my son.  At 14 his friends make him laugh more than I do. Apart from my taste in music…… that get’s him sniggering.

4. We are decorating said living room.  My shoulders and arms are throbbing with pain due to assisting with hanging wallpaper, painting and tidying up created mess.

Just once, I would like to afford/pay someone to do this back-breaking work but my husband would allow this only over his dead body.

On second thoughts, SCRAP – positive no 5. (Just kidding)


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