Goodbye, First Time Blogger UK

Ohhh, this is so hard!  Since coming back from holiday, major home re-decorating and starting my new job (it’s going well but I’m pooped) I’ve had to sit myself down and give myself a dose of harsh reality (H.R – no pun intended!)

No more First time blogger UK?  What will I do?! Moini:

No more First time blogger UK? What will I do?!

I’ve had to admit to myself that my plan to run 2 blogs – this and HomestyleLily – is just not working.

However, sad it makes me I’ve realised that First time blogger has finally limped to the finishing line.  It was like a holiday fling – fun while it lasted but always destined to finish with a sigh.  (Not that I’ve ever had a holiday fling but I think you get the idea).

I recently read a “do and don’t” list for blogging and seriously  squirmed.  Since starting blogging I think I have done every don’t on the list (and it was quite a long list – whoops).

However, one “do” I’ve taken on board is this:

…..realise when a blog has burnt out and move on.

I am therefore actually going to take this one piece of advice and divert my rather depleted energies to HomestyleLily and just see what happens.

Thank you so much for coming with me this far with

First time blogger UK – it and you have been brilliant. 

My next adventure beckons.  Are you coming? 

FTB xxx

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2 Responses to Goodbye, First Time Blogger UK

  1. Oh, we will miss you on here!

    • I will miss you too! It was a really hard decision regarding finishing this blog – I had such a good time while it lasted.

      I didn’t realise I had comments left here otherwise I would have contacted you sooner. It’s just with a new job and personal commitments I thought it best to concentrate on just one blog and HomestyleLily was always what I initially planned.

      I would just like to add a big thank you for all your lovely comments and support while I posted for FTB. You were a true blogging friend. If you ever fancy a chat please pop over to HomestyleLily.

      Take good care and my very, very best wishes to you and for your blog.

      I will most definitely pop over to your site once I get a chance.


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