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Goodbye, First Time Blogger UK

Ohhh, this is so hard!  Since coming back from holiday, major home re-decorating and starting my new job (it’s going well but I’m pooped) I’ve had to sit myself down and give myself a dose of harsh reality (H.R – … Continue reading

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Look who’s back!

Hi all! Back from my holidays with a bang!  (Or a splat actually – it rained quite a bit).  However, Cornwall was gorgeous and we had a brilliant time. A proper post will be winging its way to you shortly once … Continue reading

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Away for a while…

Hi ya I hate to be rude and just disappear so this is just to let you know I  will be away for a little while…. Speak soon and hope your enjoying your summer. Best wishes FTB x  

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Good and bad list

 As I am now feeling much better due to my plague like cold finally lifting, I decided to make a list of some of the good and bad things that I have been pondering over today. Positives 1. Good friends.  Since … Continue reading

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My other significant other

I have an absolutely streaming cold, while the sun is blazing outside.  What kind of weird perverseness is that? Even the term “cold” is irritating me.  I am shaky, clammy, sweaty with a nose like a tap but definitely not cold.  Someone needs … Continue reading

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New job, now back to blogging!

I have a new job! Thank you  your good luck wishes must have worked  as I was offered two! From September, I will be working in a lovely school supporting children with special needs.  I am very, very happy, relieved … Continue reading

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What I have learnt about blogging this month

I have a job interview today.  To distract my terrified self (and since I have just realised I’m overdue of my monthly “things I have learnt about blogging” by about two weeks) here are my latest reflections on blogging. 1.  I … Continue reading

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