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New job, now back to blogging!

I have a new job! Thank you  your good luck wishes must have worked  as I was offered two! From September, I will be working in a lovely school supporting children with special needs.  I am very, very happy, relieved … Continue reading

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Unloved lottery tickets – a good home right here!

I’ve mentioned before that the act of writing for me, is one of the best things about blogging.  However, my enthusiasm for pen to paper has been a little dampened due to my current necessity of having to complete job application … Continue reading

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Blogging and job application forms are not compatible!

Hi guys I am going to have to apologise in advance for the lack of posts this week.  I meant it when I said I planned to write 3 a week. However, as I am about to be made redundant … Continue reading

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Post It Man delivers

When I properly laugh, I look awful.  Eyes screwed up tight, doubled over, howling loudly and gasping for breath I’m surprised a concerned passer by has never called emergency services on my behalf. Post It Man’s boss was impressed with the temp’s knowledge of … Continue reading

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mumsnet and me

Oh! It’s often the little things in life that makes us happy isn’t it? Well for me it’s on the right, looks a lot like Charlie’s Angels being boiled in a pot and is my mumsnet logo. Can you see the … Continue reading

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A gun stops me from blogging

Two days ago, when browsing through a collection of blogs on WordPress, I came across a post by an American blogger that stopped me in my tracks. Most of the blog was light-hearted but as I delved further into past … Continue reading

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Followers should be chums!

I have a serious problem with the term “follower” as I stated in my post of 31/5/2014. Here’s WHY. Perhaps “follower” translates differently in other countries?  For me “follower” is a bit too close to “stalker” or “member of a … Continue reading

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