Pingbacks are not ladies shoes!

Do you know your pingbacks from your sling backs?  Neither did I, till 20 minutes ago. 

Some of the terms found in the blogging world are ……interesting.

I particularly like:

Downhill men's Vlogging Champion 2014 Image:

Down hill men’s Vlogging Champion 2014

Vlogging – sounds like a competitive sport found at the Winter Olympics.  “Jason Strauss had an UNBELIEVABLE win in the men’s downhill Vlogging championships today!”

Tumblr – “Oh bless sweetie!  Did you take a tumblr down the stairs?  Mummy kiss it better”.

I was very disappointed to find out that “pingbacks” are not some new ultra fashionable shoe from Milan.

Widgets – just so, so cute.

H Tags – sounds like some super cool American gangsta rapper.

However, not ALL are so twee. Some, I believe have darker, more sinister connotations

Content Management Systems (CMS) – sounds like some shady, money laundering organisation.

GIMP – I have no idea what this is and would be afraid to type this in my search engine in case the police came knocking on my door.

Followers – Need I say more?

I would LOVE to hear yours. Please, drop me a line if you have better.


Just for info:   Pingbacks – a notification when another blog links back to yours. Vlogging – video blogging, Tumblr – a microblogging site H Tags – something to do with headlines/sub headings and SEO searches Widgets – useful tools for adding features  Content Management Systems – (my version was so much more interesting) blogware that supports the writing and publishing of posts GIMP – Involves pictures – but you can check this one! Followers – what all bloggers hope to have, weirdly


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Goodbye, First Time Blogger UK

Ohhh, this is so hard!  Since coming back from holiday, major home re-decorating and starting my new job (it’s going well but I’m pooped) I’ve had to sit myself down and give myself a dose of harsh reality (H.R – no pun intended!)

No more First time blogger UK?  What will I do?! Moini:

No more First time blogger UK? What will I do?!

I’ve had to admit to myself that my plan to run 2 blogs – this and HomestyleLily – is just not working.

However, sad it makes me I’ve realised that First time blogger has finally limped to the finishing line.  It was like a holiday fling – fun while it lasted but always destined to finish with a sigh.  (Not that I’ve ever had a holiday fling but I think you get the idea).

I recently read a “do and don’t” list for blogging and seriously  squirmed.  Since starting blogging I think I have done every don’t on the list (and it was quite a long list – whoops).

However, one “do” I’ve taken on board is this:

…..realise when a blog has burnt out and move on.

I am therefore actually going to take this one piece of advice and divert my rather depleted energies to HomestyleLily and just see what happens.

Thank you so much for coming with me this far with

First time blogger UK – it and you have been brilliant. 

My next adventure beckons.  Are you coming? 

FTB xxx

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Look who’s back!

Hi all!

Back from my holidays with a bang!  (Or a splat actually – it rained quite a bit).  However, Cornwall was gorgeous and we had a brilliant time.

A proper post will be winging its way to you shortly once I’ve got the washing on.

Speak soon.




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Away for a while…

Hi ya

I hate to be rude and just disappear so this is just to let you know I  will be away for a little while….

Speak soon and hope your enjoying your summer.

Best wishes



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Good and bad list

 As I am now feeling much better due to my plague like cold finally lifting, I decided to make a list of some of the good and bad things that I have been pondering over today.


1. Good friends.  Since I am on school holidays I have had a bit of time to catch up with some very dear friends (or email them) and it has been a joy.  I am so lucky to have these amazing people in my life.

2. I am pleased HomestyleLily (my other blog) is up and running.

Sadly, her stars were wrong.  "A brush with destiny" was in fact "Paint a desk then tea?

Sadly, her stars were wrong. “A brush with destiny” was in fact “Paint a desk then tea?

3. My living room is under decoration and since this has been planned for ages I am chuffed it’s FINALLY happening.

4. My 14-year-old son makes me laugh.

5. I once read an article in a paper where a famous actress described her many years of marriage to her husband (a famous actor).  She mentioned after all their years together still feeling a pang of excitement or happiness when she saw him after being apart for a day.

I realised I still feel like that about my husband 17 years on – which is pretty good, I think.


1.  Writing for 2 blogs is hard.  I felt guilty that I am not increasing  my chums/followers/views as I probably should for this blog.  Now,  I feel even worse as I have two to worry about!

2. I don’t understand what pictures you can and can’t use for blogging purposes and reading the do’s and dont’s/support/advice forums has confused  me even more.  Someone please just invent a site which says: USE THESE PLEASE WITHOUT FEAR OF ANY LEGAL REPRISALS (HONESTLY).

3. I am losing my son.  At 14 his friends make him laugh more than I do. Apart from my taste in music…… that get’s him sniggering.

4. We are decorating said living room.  My shoulders and arms are throbbing with pain due to assisting with hanging wallpaper, painting and tidying up created mess.

Just once, I would like to afford/pay someone to do this back-breaking work but my husband would allow this only over his dead body.

On second thoughts, SCRAP – positive no 5. (Just kidding)


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My other significant other

I have an absolutely streaming cold, while the sun is blazing outside.  What kind of weird perverseness is that?

Even the term “cold” is irritating me.  I am shaky, clammy, sweaty with a nose like a tap but definitely not cold.  Someone needs to sort this expression out pronto.

My bit of fluff

"Roger, darling, it is only fair to tell you I have another bit of fluff!"
“Roger, darling, it is only fair to tell you I have another bit of fluff!”

On a more pleasant note, I have hinted before that this blog was actually my practise blog.  In fact my exact words from nearly 3 months ago (so short a time?  I feel like I have been blogging for ever) were:

“However, like Baldrick, I have “a cunning plan” and that is to finally do something I have always felt absolute, total passion for but done nothing about till now.

That things is to:

(Sshh, it’s a secret for now. When I am ready, I promise you will be the first to know).

I can tell you this though.  Alongside this blog, I am developing another. One in which I will finally be free to do all the things I have yearned to do.  One,  forged from the sweat,  confusion, lost pages and terrible mistakes found here!”

Gosh, I can be quite exuberant and dramatic when I am in the “zone” can’t I?  I don’t think anything could live up to that pre-ramble so without further ado:

My other site (which I am very pleased about) is a home style/interiors blog called

Here, I get to showcase things that I like for my readers

I am very fond of  first time blogger uk so have decided to keep it for my “thoughts and feelings” (or more my …”Oh hell, can anyone tell me how to get pictures in a straight line?… site).

HomestyleLily on the other hand, is my indulgence, my artistic licence or to be a bit more vernacular….my bit of fluff.

Vive la difference!


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New job, now back to blogging!

I have a new job!

Thank you  your good luck wishes must have worked  as I was offered two!

From September, I will be working in a lovely school supporting children with special needs.  I am very, very happy, relieved and nervous.  After 10 years in the same place new pastures are exciting but nerve-wracking.

Rover decided to call "Guard Dogs, inc" after receiving threats from the cat down the road

Rover decided to call “Guard Dogs, inc” after receiving threats from the cat down the road

Now, back to business.

Firstly, I am sorry I was away for so long.  Redundancy sucks.  Looking for work sucks even more.  It was seriously time-consuming and  at times quite deflating.

Then came having to say goodbye to my friends at work and even worse the children.  IT WAS SO HARD.  Teenagers often get a bad press but if you could have seen how thoughtful and kind they have been over the last week you would leap to their defence.

One of my little poppets bought me a retirement card (I am nowhere near retirement age but at 11 anyone over 20 seems old) and wrote me a poem so beautiful I still can’t get past the third verse without blubbing (think the ending of Toy Story 3 – but about 100 times sadder.)

No  mascara could contain the deluge I produced. 

Even thinking about how amazingly fantastic the children were to me on my last day is breaking my heart so excuse me if I go to safer ground.

Nöel my cat brought a SNAKE home for us yesterday.  I screamed so loud I made someone fumble a cup in Canada.  (My husband totally denies it but even he was scared.)

If I was Rover up the road, I would be very, very wary of my lean, mean, black and white, hunting machine…..

Speak soon peps x




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What I have learnt about blogging this month

"Apart from Taj Mahal's made from cooked rice, what are your other interests?"

Apart from Taj Mahal’s made from cooked rice, what are your other interests?”

I have a job interview today.  To distract my terrified self (and since I have just realised I’m overdue of my monthly “things I have learnt about blogging” by about two weeks) here are my latest reflections on blogging.

1.  I have discovered my cat Nöel does in fact have psychic abilities. I merely thought the word “blog” and his furry behind yet again was placed strategically on my keyboard to prevent me from doing said activity.  Mystic Meg may yet have a rival for her paranormal crown.

2. On the 31/5 I ran a poll.  I and only 3 other people it seems are the weird ones, who dislike the term “follower” for people who read my blog.  Though I hate it, “followers” it is then.

3. My mood affects my blogging.  Happy = output/Grumpy = not much doing.


4. My son is currently watching recorded highlights of the Germany/Brazil World Cup football game.  For those of you not into football (I’m not but in this household have no choice) it was a shocking 7-1 score to Germany.

The score is not why I am pausing.

I have just witnessed the Brazilian squad “singing” their national anthem and it is quite terrifying.  I have no idea what they are saying but it seems to involve lots of grimacing, angry shouting and spit flying.  It makes rugby’s “haka” seem positively genteel.

If I had been one of the German team, I would have feigned a metatarsal injury pronto.

However, as the Germans went on to thrash them it proves my gran’s old saying that the “emptiest vessels make most noise”.

Sorry, back to business:

5a. Blogs make you culturally aware.  (See no 4)  5b:  I read an American blog about camping the other day.  From this I now know that camping as a holiday (survival technique, yes :  holiday, no)  is just as unappealing in America as it is in England.

6. Some bloggers have the gift of being able to take amazing pictures.  See my Swedish friend:  Unfortunately, my pictures usually  involve a smudged index finger mark in the top right corner and an out of focus blur in the distance.

7.  Learn how to “bookmark”.  Clicking around, I found an amazing food dish shaped out of cooked rice which resembled the Taj Mahal (I know people with time on their hands who would have been very impressed with this).  I vowed to go back to it….but alas.



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